Here We Go Again

Back in the dark old days of the internet, I started an “e-commerce” business.  I was fresh out of high school, the dot com boom was storming its way toward oblivion, and technology talk was everywhere.  I grew up in China, so I thought, why not become the of Chinese stuff?  China has tons of beautiful traditional artforms that are almost all handcrafted and I thought it would sell well.I was right, mostly.The problem was, I was in school, strapped for cash, there was almost no technology that was any good out there, and getting a real site up was expensive.  As in, 300+ bucks a month for a dedicated server, 100+ bucks a month for credit card processing, 50+ bucks a month for a cell phone, etc. etc.And I had to build the software.  So that’s what I did, and I spent 99% of my time building software just so I could have flexibility and be able to run a “real” ecommerce site.  We built up a customer base, sold some stuff, but I never had the time to devote to it that was required in order to build the kind of business with the kind of product line that I wanted.Fast forward a few years, and now I’m married.  With a wife who’s got impeccable tastes and enjoys fashion, someone who likes learning new things and wants to get things done, and is blessed with one or two (psychology and spanish) of those useless degrees.  So we take a trip to China to see the Olympics, and she comes back and announces that she wants to start up the business again.So here it comes: Unique Traditional Chinese and Asian Gifts and Handcrafted Items – Orient Products (.com)This ought to be fun.