Awesome Cycling Nutrition from Suki Bakes, Now Available in Edinburgh

Nutrition while out cycling is important.  Really important.  Ignoring nutrition is probably one of the most common mistakes to make when you’re first tackling longer rides, and I don’t fondly remember the few times I didn’t eat enough and ran out of energy.  Cyclists call this “bonking”, and to combat it we take food along with us.  Gels, bananas, granola bars, and energy drinks (not to be confused with electrolyte drinks) are all ways that cyclists use to keep energised on longer rides.

torq cycling gelAnd that works pretty well, except that the most common format (gels) get really old really fast.  By your third or fourth gel, you tend to start craving “real” food.  I’ve used Cliff bars and other granola bars, but even they can taste a bit stale, and bizarrely, most of the energy bar companies seem to make their wrappers indestructible and difficult to open while riding.  This means that even if you’re being conscious of keeping your trash (you are keeping your trash while riding, right?) sometimes you can lose little corners of plastic packaging while you’re tearing things open on the bike.

So, I was really excited when Suki Bakes got an order to supply some flapjacks (what we call granola bars here) from our awesome local bike shop Ronde, who also serve one of the best coffees in Edinburgh.  I’m a very slow member of the Ronde cycling club that rides every Saturday morning, and while I’m biased in favour of anything Suki Bakes makes, these flapjacks are great for cycling for a couple of reasons:

  • They’re real food that’s really fresh and they taste great.  There aren’t any preservatives in them, and they’ll have been made just a few days before you get them, most likely.  They also don’t have that kind of soggy-yet-dry feel that Cliff bars have.
  • They’re made in a mostly vertical shape which easily fits into your jersey pocket.
  • They’re packaged in a fully biodegradable, extremely easy to open paper wrapper that won’t destroy the environment.  Make sure you still keep your trash though!


If you’re curious, take a quick trip down to Ronde, grab a coffee and a flapjack, and if you’re like me you’ll probably end up perusing and buying something else at the shop along the way.  Enjoy!