FrontEndConf 2013 Recap

We knew we were heading for Switzerland before we even got to Zurich, as already FrontEndConf 2013 was organised better than pretty much every event I’ve ever been to.  Just in case we forgot, within moments of landing we were met by a conference representative and whisked to the ticket kiosk, then directed to the correct train.

“Cool, how long until the train comes?” I asked.  Glancing up at the iconic Swiss railway clock (sporting an analog face) our guide answered, “In exactly 7 minutes.”  And so it was.


FrontEndConf 2013 for me was a great experience, both as a speaker and being able to attend and listen to some of the talks.  I really enjoyed meeting with several of the other speakers as well during the fantastic speaker’s dinner at breakfast at the hotel, and at the conference party.  In addition to some great talks about usability, there were demos of new UX products like the Occulus VR headset and Google Glass.

Although it was the first time giving my talk “How to build the perfect product your users want, but can’t describe”, I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

You can watch it online here (includes slides).

And here are the slides:

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