I’m Speaking in Edinburgh on Agile Teams

In September I’m giving a talk at Lean Agile Scotland titled “People, Your Most Agile Ingredient”.

Those who follow MotoGP motorcylce racing will probably be familiar with Chief Engineer Jeremy Burgess.  He has worked with three different world champions including the greatest motorcycle rider in the history of the sport, Valentino Rossi.  His accomplishments as a mechanic are legendary, but he’s also famous for his widely repeated “80/20” theory (not to be confused with Pareto’s Principle) of motorcycle racing.

Motorcycle racing is 80% rider and 20% machine.

– Jeremy Burgess


Many scoffed at this statement and in the early 2000s it was widely believed within Honda management that even an average rider could win on their machine, the best bike in the field.  Having won 3 straight championships for Honda, Rossi and Burgess both moved to Yamaha, the the very worst bike in the field, where they promptly rattled off two straight championships.

The main thrust of my talk will be exploring the idea that like mortorcyle racing, successful software development and growing a successful technology company is at least 80 percent dependant on your team.

My talk will discuss how to manage teams, grow them, invest in them, support them, and profit with them.  How to determine if you have a good team, fix a bad team, and give you a glimpse into the hallmarks of great teams.

If you’re in Scotland or are interested in attending, you can use the discount code “LASDN12JPP” to register and you’ll receive 10% off (expires on 6th of September).  Hope to see you there!

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