Moneyball and Software Development

I really enjoyed the book Moneyball.  I didn’t enjoy the movie as much.  The pacing seemed off and Brad Pitt seemed like a bad choice for the lead.  There also seemed to be this intense desire to inject drama and controversy into the film’s plot which was ironic when the point of the book is exploring a purely rational approach to a very subjectively emotional game.

Read the book, watch the movie.  The question that many will ask following experiencing either is “How could economic theory apply to my profession?”  I’d like to spend a few minutes thinking through some Moneyball implications with regards to Software Development.

fashion driven

Talent vs Grit

hired at enty level

flame out

amazing programmers start their own companies or are never heard from

Maybe more than any other profession, software development is impossible to “game”.  In other words, good programmers really are good, and you don’t see guys who don’t do a good job churning out software that works.  Yes, it is possible to have some sort of awful application made by crappy programmers, but eventually you’re going to have to pay the piper and address the technical debt you’ve been accumulating. 

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