It’s Christmas in September

This year, is going to be like none other.  While “the economy”, “healthcare reform”, [insert your favorite sports team here], could all be phrases or concepts you might think I’m describing, for The Wife that statement is most definitely applied to Christmas decorations.When I got married, I’d say the largest change I noticed culturally is how much time, effort, planning, and anticipation went into the annual decorating for Christmas.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving is of grave importance, and involves getting a Christmas tree (real NOT fake), and busting out crates of decorations, turning down the thermostat (we’re in South Florida after all), playing Christmas music, and drinking organic eggnog.This year I’m contributing a Christmas decoration in addition to the NC State themed ornaments I’ve contributed the past couple of years.  Knowing how The Wife misses snow and winter scenes, I’m going to attempt to build a 1×3 ft diorama Z Scale layout, which will be covered in snow and ice.A couple of weeks ago we picked up the engine, cars, and a test loop of track, and it was probably one of the more interesting sales experiences for the staff at Warrick’s Custom Hobbies as he would suggest logical models (cars and engines from the same railroad) only to be stuffed with an incredulous “But it’s NOT GREEN OR RED!”  He got the hang of it quickly and we managed to find contentment in a MicroTrains Line Canadian Pacific (red) GP35 locomotive, a Great Northern (green) box car, a Burlington Northern (green) box car, and a red tank car.We’ve got roughly 3 months to go.

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