Shelving is Up

I’m building the railroad in modules that are 1×4 feet, which is basically diorama size, and means I can fit them into a car, walk them up the stairs, move them, store them, etc., very easily.  I can also chain them together on the wall using commodity shelving that is lightweight and unobtrusive.Here’s some before and after shots of installing the shelves down in my garage.  Things I learned on this project:

  • Tap drills (hammer drills) are useful, no, required for cinderblock or concrete drilling.  Didn’t even know what these were.  Once the guys in the hardware store realized I was a complete idiot, they began to dumb everything way down.  “So you take the drill bit, and put it in the drill right HERE and make sure the sharp end is pointing OUT.”
  • ACE Hardware is the ultimate store for tools and any kind of service.  I hate Lowes/Home Depot.
  • I hate leveling things.

After installation:

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