Disaster Strikes

Well, I got the three switches installed, good lengths of mainline track put down, and decided it was time to run some trains.  I quickly soldered some feeder wires, hooked up the throttle, grabbed my favorite test engine (Atlas GP35 in CB&Q colors), and let her rip.  Immediately, I pop a short.  Check everything, try it again.  Shorts again.Turns out, when I was building my turnouts, I misread a schematic on the instructions (no fault on their part), and cut the isolation gaps in the wrong spots.  Majorly frustrating, as I also didn’t test the conductivity while I was building the turnouts.  Still, after I got over the initial frustration, I realized that this was a good chance to go back and revisit my choice for roadbed that I had made.I originally was going to stack up 4 layers of Homasote on my benchwork create the sea depression that I’ll need for my dock.  This made things heavy, and meant that drilling holes would be a major pain.  I’m going to go back and redo that so that it’s just one layer of Homasote, and cut through the benchwork for the water.  I’ve also decided to install Tortoise switch machines so that I can have power routed frogs and automatic controls, as I’ve already purchased 4 Digitrax stationary decoders, and might as well put them to use.  I also decided I didn’t like the look of the Floquil tie brown, and prefer the grimy black method.Stay tuned as I rebuild the turnouts, and fix the mistakes I’ve made.

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